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10 Engagement Ring Platter Ideas for Ring ceremony

Although often remembered at the last minute, engagement ring tray or platter is an essential wedding accessory that you cannot afford to overlook. It holds the same significance as your wedding rings and enhances their presentation with its charming appeal. Therefore, you must ensure that it is distinct, eye-catching, and, above all, beautiful. There are countless options available in the market for wedding ring platter, ranging from simple floral designs to elaborate creations made with succulents and exotic flowers.

Additionally, modern couples are personalizing their ring trays by adding their hashtag or initials, giving a unique touch to their wedding celebrations. That’s precisely why we have gathered some inspiring ring tray designs for you right here. We have come across some exceptionally Engagement Ring Platter Ideas on the internet that surpass anything you might have seen before. Browse through these options and select your favorite one today!

Floral Platter with Customized Names 

1.Floral Platter with Customized Names 

These pastel color flowers accompanied with cute ring boxes, svelte pearl details and metal name designs are completely winning us over. Floral ring platter are the best and lovely option when it comes to traditional ring platter. If you are a flower lover, you have to order this platter for your engagement. Though they are artificial flowers, it only enhances the decoration, and you cannot over look the little pearl detailing giving it a soft look. 

Floral Platter with Customized Names 

2.Mirror Themed Tray Design

For the sophisticated, out of the box thinking couples, here’s the best engagement ring platter that not only describes their love, but also their taste in an unique manner. It’s so chic and fancy. Don’t you agree? What not to love about this engagement tray? From the mirror base to soft cushion ring boxes. Everything is just picture perfect. This engagement ring tray design is pretty, sophisticated yet simple for those couple who love a minimalistic look. On top of that you can also customize the flower colors to make it monochromatic.

An Enchanted Wedding Ring Platter 

3.An Enchanted Wedding Ring Platter 

This garden themed ring platter for engagement made with pastel color flours, leaves, ribbon and silk cloth is all things pretty. We can not decide what is more attractive, the floral detailing or metal name plate, ring cut out. We can guarantee you, this engagement ring platter design will be the talk of your wedding. All our designs are unique and totally different from others. If you notice closely the small details are flawless. This ring tray is way more beautiful in present than it is on the pictures. If you are having second thoughts about this ring tray, you should not have any at all. 

Engagement Ring Platter with Name and Hashtags

4.Engagement Ring Platter with Name and Hashtags

Incorporating metallic monogrammed hashtags and pretty flowers into your ring tray design is an excellent way to add a personal touch. This peacock design has left us completely mesmerized! This design is so unique from peacock detailing to date topper. And top of that hashtag. Nowadays lot of couples have their own hashtag, and they want to incorporate that on their engagement ring platter to keep the memory for life. We have just took the idea and designed our platter in such a way that they can add their hashtag as well as their engagement date with cute designs. 

Glass Engagement Platter Online

5.Glass Engagement Platter Online

Doesn’t this cutesy round glass ring holder decked up with moss and lights, and beads makes you say ‘I Do’ too? We bet you have not seen this engagement ring platter idea before. This hanging round glass ring holders are the show stopper of this platter. If you see closely we have also added fairy lights, beads and little ribbon detailing to make the ring platter most beautiful in every way possible. For the customization option, you can put your names’ initials on this ring platter as well. We will pack this tray with extreme care and love, and will reach it to your destination totally safe, so there is no need to worry about the damage with us.

Customized Wooden Ring Platter 

6.Customized Wooden Ring Platter 

Here’s another oh-so-gorgeous wooden Ring Platter for brides and grooms who want to try something cute yet out of the box. This ring platter is one of our best sellers. And we just totally agree with our customers, what not to love about this ring tray? From its shape, to color patterns, flowers, pear detailing, everything screams sophistication and aesthetics. While the ring platter for engagement looks ravishing we have kept the price super affordable and budget friendly for all the lovely couples. Because we don’t want you to miss out on our best seller. 

7.Modern Engagement Ring Platter

One look at this metallic modern engagement ring platter and you’ll go gaga over it! We love these metallic tree, flower bunches and how gorgeous are these ring boxes! This is so modern yet gives a royal vibe that we cannot stop drooling over our modern engagement ring platter with name. This metallic tray is exclusively hand picked by our decorators and decorated with love and utmost care. If you are not into florals or much colors this is your best option to go for. If a little modern, minimalistic are your taste then we suggest you that you should not miss out on this ring platter. 

8.Horse Carriage Platter for Engagement

This adorable engagement ring tray in the shape of a horse carriage, adorned with red, pink, and white flowers, pearls, and tassels has captured our hearts! We can’t stop admiring its beauty. This design is so unique, and flawless that it can attract anyone within a second. The horse carriage platter and one sided flower designing are the best part of this engagement tray. 

9.Light Engagement Ring Platter with Name 

This Light Engagement Ring Platter with Name featuring stunning flowers and small fairy light is exceptionally captivating and unique. It would be the perfect addition to a Bollywood-themed engagement ceremony! This ring holder with flowers and name looks amazing. Moreover, you can get it customized with your name and your choice of flowers get some addition of your choice. 

10.Pink and Purple floral Platter 

One can never go wrong with a ring tray that has got pretty elements like a pink, purple, violet flowers, velvet ring holders, metallic heart cut-out, and small hanging nameplate. Simple yet elegant flower arrangement can make your whole party look come together and complete with this platter. This hanging name plate is the best and cutest. 

We hope you have found your favorite ring platter in this blog. These designs are so unique and cute, trending that every bride, groom and their guest will just adore our engagement ring platter for sure. If you are looking for stunning ring platter for engagement like theses, then check our website for more such lovely options. 

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