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Giftlaya is a reputed event decorator offering services for various events and ceremonies. One of our excellent services is haldi decoration. We feel extremely lucky to get a chance to become a part of many weddings in India. We have been proudly providing our one-of-a-kind background haldi ceremony decoration services. People rely on us for our commitment to professionalism, hard work, and transparency. We are practitioners of perfection and devotees of aestheticism. That's the reason why we always create haldi decorations at home that make people's jaws drop. We love our job and put our creative skills into making places beautiful for auspicious events like the Haldi Ceremony. 

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The Haldi Ceremony is an auspicious event. It is an important ritual that takes place before marriage. This ritual bears cultural significance for almost every Indian marriage. On the same day, the haldi ceremony takes place separately at both the bride's and groom's houses. In this ritual, both groom and bride's sides of the family prepare a Haldi (turmeric) Paste at their own homes. Next, they exchange the haldi paste between them. The family members then apply the bride side's haldi on the groom and vice versa. Haldi is considered auspicious. Bathing both the groom and bride in haldi signifies an auspicious preparation for the marriage. 

A special haldi ceremony decoration is an integral part of this event. In this decoration, everything is decorated in a usually selected color scheme-

As you can see, no matter what combination you choose, one color stays constant- Yellow. It is because yellow is the color of haldi. Also, in Indian culture, the color yellow is present in all auspicious events. Our haldi ceremony decoration not only follows these color schemes but also incorporates flowers. In fact, the selection of flowers is also based on the same color scheme. Some people like to decorate the entire place with marigold garlands. Again, some people look for a fusion of other exotic flowers with marigolds. No matter what your preference is, we can work on almost all types of haldi decoration ideas given to us. 

Easy haldi decoration at home- Expert Decorators at Your Service

At Giftlaya, we not only decorate the outdoors but also offer indoor haldi decoration services. Some people love to arrange a small party for this event. It basically includes singing and dancing. In most cases, cousins and siblings present their lovely dance performance while the haldi ritual is in process. A wedding house without photography and videography is impossible to imagine. The photographers will certainly capture all of these moments. Therefore a haldi background decoration is important. Again, every modern Indian wedding releases its cinematography videos. So, it makes sense to have haldi function decoration at home on point. 

To make the celebration grand, contact an expert Event Planner for Haldi Function like Giftlaya. We have been nailing this job for years. We get many referrals from our clients, and we appreciate it from the core of our hearts. When you book an event decoration with us, we give you the latest slot available. To avoid rush and cancellation, kindly book 3-4 days before the ceremony. 

Bride haldi ceremony- Make It Extra Special With Giftlaya

A bride haldi ceremony is one of the most awaited events for family members, cousins, siblings, and friends. Apart from ritualistic significance, the event is replete with fun, giggles, and entertainment. In fact, apart from decoration, people love wearing a specific dress code for this event. Not only does the bride wear a haldi dress, but other members prefer wearing colors that go with this event. Mostly younger ones choose to wear yellow and white, yellow, orange, and yellow and pink combination dress code. In fact, there's a specific floral haldi jewellery for this event. Not only is the bride adorned with this haldi jewellery, but her sisters, female friends, and cousins also wear them. All of these contribute to a Haldi Theme that speaks of joy and beauty. 

At Giftlaya, you will find an amazing yellow dress for haldi collection for both bride and the family members. We also have a great haldi jewellery collection on our website. Just browse through our collection and order yours!

Haldi Backdrop Ideas- Personalize Your Decoration With Experts

With so many celebrity weddings spanning over the Internet, people also try to replicate the same aura. We understand that different people have their own wishes and Haldi Backdrop Ideas in mind. After all, this is an important event that is never going to return. Therefore, the arrangement should be top-notch. This is why we take our time to listen to our client's wishes. From discussing color schemes to decoration designs, from indoor decoration to outdoor stage decoration, from flower selection to making decorative entrance gates- our Low Cost Haldi Decoration covers everything. 

In fact, our services are very reasonable in pricing. We have standard charges for various Flower Decoration for Haldi Function packagesWe do not push our services to earn a few extra bucks. Rather, we give you complete flexibility in how you are going to use our services. You can take the whole package or take a partial service. We also offer custom services with little modification in the standard price of the package. 

Haldi ceremony decoration- hire the best event planners from Giftlaya

Giftlaya is a pan-India service provider. We have an industry reputation as one of the best event decorators and planners. We offer best-in-class haldi decoration services in almost every state in the country. No matter what your background is- Rajasthani, Punjabi, Bengali, Maharashtrian, Keralite, Gujarati- we offer background haldi ceremony decoration in accordance with all cultural specialties. 

Whether you want a haldi decoration at home or at a venue, Giftlaya can do both. Just share the address of the place at the time of booking, and we will reach there on time for the decoration process. We take minimal time for the completion of haldi ceremony decoration. While on the job, we make sure our involvement causes the least disturbance with your ceremony preparation. From pre-cleaning to after-cleaning- our team of expert decorators takes care of everything in a professional manner. 

Easy haldi decoration at home- Quick, Beautiful, and Click Worthy!

Our low cost simple haldi decoration at home looks extravagant. We never compromise on quality while still being cheap by price. Since we have been doing this job for years, making even complicated haldi decoration ideas a reality is a cakewalk for us. Whatever seems hard and challenging to normal people, we can do it with utmost ease. Our outdoor and indoor haldi decoration is a work of perfection. We make sure nothing comes in the way when the whole family and guests are enjoying the event. Our haldi background decoration makes every moment the picture worthy. We always try to bring a Hollywood vibe to our decorations so that your wedding cinematography looks nothing less than a movie. 

We understand background decoration plays an important part in elevating the overall mood. With lovely yellow-themed floral decoration- we will add cheerfulness to the air. Anyone who enters the place will instantly feel fresh and revitalized. We guarantee that our haldi function decoration at home will make you take thousands of selfies to flaunt it over social media. 

Buy a High-Quality yellow dress for haldi and haldi jewellery

With the touch of millennials and baby boomers, Indian weddings have become highly modern. This fusion of tradition and modern styles has led to many trends. The bride haldi ceremony is also no exception here. Gone are those days when the haldi ritual only took a few hours to get complete. People nowadays dedicate an entire half of the day to this event. In some cases, the Haldi ceremony takes a whole separate day. This magnificence and grandeur have transformed the basic Flower Decoration for Haldi Function.

Now people enjoy the ceremony with a special haldi dress code and complement it with haldi jewellery. Unlike ordinary custom jewelry, this special haldi jewelry is made of artificial marigold flowers. This jewelry comes in a set that includes earrings, a necklace, and a maang tikka. In some cases, the bridesmaids tend to wear Tiaras instead of mang tikas. All of this special jewelry and dresses are now available on the online website of Giftlaya. 

Contact The Best Event Planner for Haldi Function

Arranging a haldi decoration is not children's play. This type of work requires special skills and expert decorators. If you believe that a DIY approach is the only Low Cost Haldi Decoration option, you are wrong. You need to source everything from different supplies. The total upfront cost will be way higher than contracting a professional decorator. We have the best decoration supplies, and we work closely with florists in each region. We have everything in our bag, and this way, we save you efforts and time in dealing with different suppliers. 

You can save a lot of money and effort by taking our haldi ceremony decoration services. In fact, our expert can also share some Haldi Backdrop Ideas as per your budget. Our services are scalable and open to adjustments. We let our clients personalize the services as per their needs and budget. While being pocket-friendly, we make sure the background haldi ceremony decoration is worth every penny. 

So, without giving it a second thought, hire our expert event planners now! 

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