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Yuvraj Goel (Nashik)
26 Nov 2023

So much happy with the result my wife liked the whole setup.
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Pranali Acharya (Kolkata)
18 Jul 2023

Booked Giftlaya for my Brother's First Night Decoration and trust me they just loved it. Thank you Giftlaya.
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Chhaya Sindhu (Agra)
07 Oct 2023

Great Work Done, very beautiful.
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Aakshit Basu (Jamshedpur)
11 Aug 2023

Awesome Decoration was very nice, exactly as shown in the picture. Thanks Giftlaya
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Priya Vedi (Rajkot)
06 Nov 2023

The Decoration setup feels so dreamy. All I can say my dream came true, a very very big Thank You Giftlaya.
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Mahira (Indore)
29 Oct 2023

Very Elegant Decoration, looking so pretty.
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Navya Dixit (Jaipur)
09 Sep 2023

Nice decoration, The decorators were also very humble and cooperative and exactly created as per instructions. Thank You.
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Shubham Roy (Chandigarh)
31 Jul 2023

Just amazing, just chose Giftlaya without having second thoughts.
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Jeevika Bhalla (Gurugram)
24 Sep 2023

Best materials and High-Quality Service, Just maintain the Standard. Thanks, Giftlaya.
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Himanshu Kholi (Kanpur)
17 Oct 2023

Just loved your decoration service, Happy Customer :)
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Lavanya Suri (Anritsar)
18 Oct 2023

Giftlaya made the perfect decoration for our special day, Thanks a lot.
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Erum Shubyet (Aurangabad)
15 Oct 2023

Beautiful Decoration, really grateful for the guidance.
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Ragini (Chennai)
06 Aug 2023

Thanks, the flowers were fresh and gave a beautiful vibe.
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Ashish Joshi (Ahmedabad)
01 Jul 2023

Nice, we are really happy with the outcome.
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Samrajya Banerjee (Pune)
22 Aug 2023

Very Happy with the deliverables. Will surely recommend Giftlaya to to my close ones.
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Aakshay Trivedi (Bangalore)
23 Jul 2023

Nice and Elegant Decoration, Thank You.
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Aman Shahu (Jammu)
07 Jul 2023

Thanks for the all over smooth experience from starting to finish.
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Soumya Rana (Delhi)
16 Aug 2023

The Decoration was done nicely and on time. Thanks for the excellent service.
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Aamayra Chouhan (Hyderabad)
27 Aug 2023

This was the first time I booked a decoration online, and am happy with my decision. Giftlaya decorated beautifully.
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Aditi Mohan (Surat)
18 Sep 2023

Excellent Work! Thanks
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Dhruv Senapati (Indore)
30 Sep 2023

Thank you Giftlaya for making the decoration so pretty and elegant.
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Vivaan (Patna)
10 Nov 2023

Just loved your decoration process along with the final result. It was so professional.
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Kavish Jadeja (Lucknow)
12 Sep 2023

Good Decoration
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