Recent Customer Reviews

Mousumi (Kolkata)
16 Nov 2023

Really satisfied with the service.
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Amrit Verma (Noida)
08 Oct 2023

Really Impressive.
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Anchal Rastogi (Jaipur)
17 Sep 2023

I'm so happy I chose Giftlaya for my proposal decoration. It was romantic, elegant, and exactly what I wanted.
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Neil Kapoor (Lucknow)
27 Sep 2023

The decoration was so lovely.
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Shayak Rao (Pune)
08 Oct 2023

Choosing Giftlaya for my proposal decoration was the best decision. It was super beautiful.
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Rabindra Suri (Gurgaon)
28 Sep 2023

Thanks, Giftlaya. I couldn't have asked for anything better.
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Nimisha Chauhan (Ahmedabad)
15 Jul 2023

Wow, just wow! Giftlaya made my proposal so special with their romantic decorations. It was like a dream come true!
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Anisha Dubey (Bhubaneswar)
30 Nov 2023

The proposal setup was perfect, thanks for the suggestion Giftlaya.
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Aashika Roy (Ludhiana)
26 Nov 2023

Nice Decoration
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Ayush Chawla (Bangalore)
25 Jun 2023

The Decoration was so romantic beyond my expectations. And she just loved it. Thank you.
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Varun Sharma (Mumbai)
03 Oct 2023

Thank you, Giftlaya, for the amazing proposal decorations. It was so romantic, and I got the 'Yes' I was hoping for!
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Pratika Subram (Indore)
21 Oct 2023

Good Decoration
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Abhimanyu Mehra (Jaipur)
06 Aug 2023

I can't thank Giftlaya enough for the beautiful setup they did for my proposal. It was so romantic, and my partner loved it!
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Shayri Khatun (Delhi)
04 Jun 2023

Thank you Giftlaya, it was amazing.
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Suman Tyagi (Hyderabad)
08 Sep 2023

A big thank you Giftlaya. The decoration was so stunning, and my partner said 'Yes!'
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Swarna Trivedi (Chennai)
28 Jul 2023

Giftlaya just created the best moment of my life. Absolutely loved the romantic vibe. Surely Recommended.
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Ritesh Tiwari (Nagpur)
01 Nov 2023

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Shirin Anand (Patna)
11 Oct 2023

It was last minute from my side and Giftlaya just nailed it.
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Janvi Malhotra (Surat)
24 Sep 2023

It was so amazing and beautiful. Just wow. Thank you Giftlaya.
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Anushka Pathak (Agra)
12 Nov 2023

The Decoration was so beautiful, thanks Giftlaya for the beautifully decorated evening.
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