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Shalini (Mumbai)
21 Nov 2023

Best Instagram worthy decoration within budget, Thank you Giftlaya
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Sonal Puri (Delhi)
10 Sep 2023

Absolutely in love with the bride-to-be's decoration, super pretty and elegant.
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Amrita Jain (Noida)
16 Jul 2023

Booked Giftlaya Bride-to-be decoration service for my friend, I must say we all loved the whole scenario.
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Reva Soni (Nagpur)
11 Jun 2023

Got a lot of compliments on the cute banners. Thank you, Giftlaya!
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Aariya Nagpal (Bhopal)
08 Nov 2023

The whole setup was so beautiful, great job.
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Ananya Muttu (Hyderabad)
09 Oct 2023

So happy with my purchase from Giftlaya. Will order again for other events.
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Vani Joshi (Bangalore)
11 Nov 2023

Nice, Well done Giftlaya
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Mishka Bhanu (Bhopal)
17 Oct 2023

Well Done Giftlaya.
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Jaya Charan (Surat)
15 Sep 2023

Thank you, Giftlaya, for making it all so easy and beautiful.
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Bhushan Negi (Mumbai)
03 Sep 2023

Beautiful Decoration, loved it.
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Samira Vaidya (Pune)
05 Nov 2023

The Decoration was the actual showstopper of my bachelorette party, Thanks a ton Giftlaya.
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Nitya Dhiwan (Gurgaon)
14 Jun 2023

Thank you Giftlaya. The decoration was so elegant everyone loved it.
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Rakesh Dubey (Bangalore)
18 Jul 2023

Really great work.
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Shubham Jain (Ahmedabad)
09 Oct 2023

Still receive compliments on my sister's bride-to-be. Must try.
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Ishan Tyagi (Lonavala)
12 Nov 2023

Satisfied with the service, will book again.
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Disha Suri (Mumbai)
08 Sep 2023

Wow! Just got the cutest decorations for my bridal shower from Giftlaya. Giftlaya made the whole place look like a dream come true!
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